Fostering Panel Vice Chair

Fostering Panel Vice Chair


Independent Fostering Panel Vice Chair

Panel Locations: Enfield, Caterham & Milton Keynes

Pay rate: £200 per full day Panel + mileage 

Required once or twice a month

*Applicants must have previous Foster Panel experience to be considered*

ISP are currently looking for dedicated and motivated Panel Vice Chair to be join our Panel.

Attendance is paid at a rate of £200 per full day Panel + mileage. For a half day Panel the rate would be £100 per day + mileage. Training days, on average once per year, will also be paid and can take place at any ISP office.

Carer Recruitment
As and When
Contract Type
Self Employed
200 per panel
Geographical Location
South East
Position Reference
Closing Date
Ref No

Role Details


  • To assist the Panel Chair with meetings, ensuring that all items of business are covered and that the Panel operates in accordance with regulations and the policies and procedures of the agency.
  • To prepare for Panel meetings, reading Panel papers carefully, identifying key issues and alerting the Panel Advisor if necessary to ensure, as far as possible, that the case is adequate for submission to Panel.
  • To facilitate the active participation of all Panel members in contributing to the Panel’s consideration of cases and to the making of clear and well evidenced recommendations with the reasons for these.
  • To ensure that all those attending Panel are treated with respect and courtesy.
  • To address diversity issues and promote anti-discriminatory practice at all times.
  • To ensure that clear and accurate minutes are written, which record any serious reservations which Panel members may have, and to be involved in checking and agreeing draft minutes with other Panel members before they are sent to the Agency Decision Maker.
  • To liaise with the Agency Decision Maker and with other senior managers as required.
  • To assist in the recruitment and appointment Panel members and in any consideration about terminating the appointment of a member.
  • To assist in developing, promoting and monitoring policies and procedures and high standards of work in the agency.
  • To assist in planning training for Panel members and to participate in this at least one day per year.
  • To safeguard the confidentiality of all Panel papers and Panel discussions.

To be involved in:

  • Deciding whether a case is adequate for submission to Panel
  • Deciding on the attendance of observers at Panel
  • Deciding on the participation of a Panel member who declares an interest in a case
  • Deciding when an extra Panel may be necessary
  • The preparation of an annual report on the Panel’s work

For an informal discussion about this post please contact Annaya Constantin on 07393 231 594.

To be considered for this post please submit an application and we will be in touch.